⚡️ V3 progress ⚡️

Development is continuing very smoothly for the V3 version of UniTrade 🦄 The majority of the work is getting the infrastructure in place — which is complete with progress made last week.

Internal testing of V3 has begun and we are working towards getting a full release out soon for our beta group and then finally to the whole community.

The good news is that the UI is very functional 👏 Now the work that remains is hooking up the frontend to the smart contract and our backend systems so you can place 1) limit orders, 2) market orders, and 3) stop loss orders on ETH network and BSC network.

Additionally, this week we have invested more development time into our Bridge Service, which is going to be an amazing addition to the UniTrade V3 platform. This creates a big opportunity for us to establish more partnerships, adoption, and usage of our platform. If you do know any projects that would benefit from our bridge and swapping tokens between ETH to BSC feel free to refer to me. Thanks! 🤝

We have made updates to the Executor Service that we run to process limit orders as well. That should be going live next week to keep orders processing faster and more efficiently. This is something I wanted to focus on and make sure is 100% before V3 goes out.

Look forward to dev updates next week. We are making progress everyday and getting closer and closer to a full release soon ⚡️🦄🚀🎉



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