⚡️ V3 Update ⚡️

Excellent progress made this entire week. This is a complete overhaul of the entire UI and interface which does take time but we are making amazing progress! 👏

We are closing in on the beta release of UniTrade V3. This will initially have our trading functionality of: 1) limit orders 2) market orders 3) and stop loss orders — which is a new feature of V3.

Planning on a beta release of the above features next week with our closed testing group. 👍


We will continue to release additional features of the V3 in a phased approach. Immediately following the trade page we will be moving to the token Bridge, which in all honesty, is going to bring an entire new revenue stream for UniTrade 🚀🦄

There is a big gap in the market when it comes to swapping tokens between networks. Which is great for us because we already built a fully functioning network bridge. There have been several projects reach out to us to utilize this same technology for their own projects in order to move from ETH to BSC, which we are currently working with now.

The plan is to incorporate a 1% fee ($1 minimum) on each bridge transfer, which a large portion of, will be going into the TRADE reward staking portal. This is a great opportunity for us to establish more partnerships, adoption, and usage of our platform 🤝 which is exactly what we need to move forward.

If you do know any projects that would benefit from our bridge and swapping tokens between ETH to BSC feel free to refer to me. Thanks!




UniTradeApp $TRADE

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