Addressing BitBoy’s video

Think about it for a minute as to why BitBoy would even make this video… because he was involved with so many random projects without doing any internal research. Taking money for promos, loading up his bag and selling into his followers. You all realize how much negative attention being a partner of DistX and other scams really damages his credibility right? That’s why he is making this video. It’s really funny he mentions “putting up smoke” in his video…. when that is exactly what he’s doing to you — wildly calling projects a scam to distract you from the real truth that he messed up. Why don’t you focus on apologizing to your followers instead?

Even better he is saying that now all the sudden he has a great investigation team… no one reached out to me for any sort of comment, clarification, or anything? He just went ahead and makes a video falsely accusing a legitimate project of being a scam without any information. Look at the cold hard facts, we have delivered everything we promised, no liquidity has ever been removed, majority of all the team tokens are locked, and we are still here delivering new features every month.

I’ve established a legitimate full time development team and have continued to improve our platform from our V1 launch now to V2. Next year will be even better for UniTrade as we have an exciting roadmap doing things in the DeFi space that haven’t ever been done before — we will not be just a limit order platform going forward — get ready for it…

Adrian was hired by Josh for Switch. Geo joined Ghost via an acquisition Josh made. I was hired by Josh to help with Ghost. Prior to Ghost I never worked with Adrian (DistX) or Geo (UniLayer). That is the full extent of our association.

Adrian’s full contribution to UniTrade was the minor token vesting contract and the whitepaper (which wasn’t even used). We had an agreement that he would be on the team and build the smart contract, that never happened after he decided he wanted to start DistX… He left after 2 weeks and set our development back quite a bit. That’s honestly all I can say about the situation because of a settlement agreement that was met after I sued Adrian. So honestly I feel for all the people who were involved with DistX and the losses they incurred. It was just completely uncalled by Bitboy to make false statements about the product we’ve worked so hard to build.

We operate completely independently of all of the projects Bitboy mentioned in his video and it’s honestly surprising to me that with all of the facts and proof right out there for everyone to see he decides to call UniTrade a scam. I’ll be waiting for the apology.

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