August 30th — POLAR Airdrop event❄️

To support our endeavors while building the UniTrade app we began to work on a service that allowed our platform to sync trading data in real time on high speed blockchains ⚡️

With all of the experience, knowledge, obstacles and challenges we have faced and overcame while working on UniTrade we have gained invaluable insight into the crypto industry.

Giving rise to Polar Sync ❄️, a competing solution to The Graph ($5 billion market cap), which was initially utilized exclusively for UniTrade.

— -

All UniTrade TRADE 🦄 holders will be eligible for the airdrop of $POLAR ❄️ tokens that will take place following the BSCPad launchpad event on August 30th.

You must have TRADE tokens in your wallet August 30th to receive the airdrop. The exact amount will be proportional to the amount of TRADE you hold given the total supply.

TRADE team tokens, and company wallets, will be excluded from the airdrop. ✅

In total, $400,000 worth of $POLAR will be distributed exclusively to TRADE holders 🎉 at a rate of 1 TRADE = 0.19 POLAR.

— -

Market opportunities and many other projects requesting access to Polar Sync made it possible for us to expand this into a project of its own.

More info about Polar Sync can be found on website, and telegram group, and BSCPad:

💻 Site —

🐦 Twitter —

🌐 Telegram —

🔔 Announcement Channel —

BSCPad —

— -

The UniTrade community and project is very important to me. I wanted to keep you guys in the loop of ongoing work and make sure that the community is involved and can benefit as much as possible. 🙏

This is an exclusive airdrop only for UniTrade holders. Watch out for scams and fake groups ❌ No one from our team will ask you to send any amount of money for any reason.



UniTradeApp $TRADE

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