Big Update — and slight changes — in regards to ‘TRADE’ tokenomics.

Hey Guys!

I have heard your concerns and understand the need for company tokens to be in a LOCKED, timed, slow release, contract that can be verified by everyone. That’s exactly what’s going to happen…

Website Release Date Announced
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UniTrade website will go live on August 14th which will provide more information about the platform, the unique features, benefits, how it works, screenshots, faq, etc.

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24,643,138 TRADE will be LOCKED in a timed release smart contract, without a way to be removed, that will slowly release over the course of a year back to the company. This will lock 49.3% of the total supply of TRADE.

We will keep 2.6m total in the company wallet to allow us to provide more liquidity as needed in addition to operational resources for team, marketing, etc. during the initial start up phase.

Again, 49.3% of the total supply of TRADE that is currently in the company wallets is being locked in a verified slow release smart contract which you can verify here:

Uniswap Liquidity Lock 🦄
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The $300k of liquidity for ETH/TRADE on Uniswap provided at the start will be LOCKED for 60 days, with no possible way to remove it before then, you can verify here:

Thanks for the support!