Binance Smart Chain Integration is Complete 🙌


We are bringing limit orders to BSC via our decentralized app UniTrade 🦄 →

To start placing limit orders on BSC you must first connect your wallet (we recommend MetaMask) to the Binance Smart Chain network. There is a guide here,

Once setup refresh the UniTrade app website and the network will now show you are connected to “Binance Smart Chain”. You can search through tokens on their chain and place limit orders against Pancakeswap liquidity pools 🥞

If you experience any issues please join our testing group here, and feel free to share your feedback! It’s greatly appreciated 🙏


Additionally, this was covered in a previous post, but our native ERC-20 TRADE token can be converted over to BSC via our bridge,

This is not required to use the app. Simply a nice to have feature for users to go back and forth with the TRADE token from the two different blockchains.


Alongside the release of BSC integration we are pushing out so many new development updates to the app 🚀

- Market orders for Binance Smart Chain
- Limit orders for Binance Smart Chain
- Backend API upgrades for storing BSC orders

- Added option to set custom gas amount

- Overall app stability and state management restructure
- Market orders functionality improvements and bugfixes
- Update token price every 30 seconds on page
- Pricing data calculation improvements and updates

- Additional rebase tokens warnings added
- Stable coin balance “invalid amount” quickfix
- “Token pair not found” and buy/sell error quickfix
- Market price values of 0 quickfix

- Pricing adjustments in ETH not calculating correct values quickfix
- Overview page some orders showing incorrect USD values, fixed
- Allow for search + selection of tokens and default to top trading pair
- Orderbook sorting by trade price

- Sidebar hover over help text
- Minor styling improvements
- Performance fixes for low bandwidth users


This is an amazing milestone for the UniTrade app to hit as we continue to improve, grow, and adapt 🎉 With gas fees on BSC being so much lower than ETH, placing limit orders will finally be affordable, fast, and reliable.

The future plans for UniTrade are going to bring so much more than just offering limit orders. Big things coming soon 👍