End of the year recap — Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎄🎅🏻

4 min readDec 25, 2020


I never imagined starting this venture that we would have as much support and growth as we’ve had this year. UniTrade started out as just an idea, placing limit orders on UniSwap 🦄, we’ve come a long way since then. There’s been ups and downs but through it all we have constantly delivered new features and product improvements month after month. The progress from where we started to now is undeniable.

None of this would have been possible without first and foremost the community, the dev team, moderators, and all the amazing supporters we have. I really appreciate all of you. This has honestly changed my life and I am extremely grateful to all you guys.

I’ve been working behind the scenes, increasing the size of our full-time production team by hiring talented developers and designers, adding to our strategic business development team, securing valuable partnerships, and planning our marketing takeover for next year.

We will be taking on some of the biggest players in the DeFi space with incredible innovations and advancements in the future of decentralized trading. 🚀🦄🚀🦄

— —

Here’s a recap of our journey so far. Looking forward to adding more milestones with you guys next year! 🙌

— — -

August 1 — UniTrade is Announced.

August 1 — All OTC rounds were completed.

August 2 — TRADE is listed in Uniswap.

August 3 — TRADE is listed in CoinmarketCap

August 3 — TRADE is listed in Coingecko.

August 4 — Locked Liquidity and Team tokens.

August 5 — TRADE is listed in Poloniex.

August 13 — UniTrade informational site is launched.

August 13 — Discord invite contest and Twitter contest announced.

August 13 — BitBoy mentions UniTrade.

August 14 — TRADE is listed in Hotbit.

August 14 — Special group for Elite holders was created (Over 20k TRADE holders.)

August 18 — TRADE is listed in IDEX.

August 20 — Staking is added to the UniTrade tokenomics.

August 20 — D.I.Y Investing mentions UniTrade.

August 23 — TrustSwap partnership announced.

August 24 — IvanOnTech mentions UniTrade.

August 25 — AltCoinBuzz features UniTrade in a video.

September 1 — Chinese telegram group was created.

September 2 — EllioTrades mentions UniTrade.

September 3 — TRADE is listed in OKEx.

September 8 — AMA with the Chinese Community.

September 8 — Website upgrade.

September 8 — Team reveal and Decent Labs partnership.

September 11 — Beta Development update.

September 11 — Private beta live for Elite holders.

September 11 — Beta partially open to the public.

September 18 — Public Beta with limit orders on the Goerli Testnet.

September 20 — AMA with The Crypto Life Style.

September 21 — YFII partnership announced.

September 22 — Removed the 10% of the fees generated going towards the developments fund, instead all fees goes to the burn and staking mechanism.

September 26 — Company (Solidified) performing the audit for UniTrade announced.

October 1 — New UI — APP version announced.

October 2 — Security Audit by Solidified was finished.

October 7 — UniTrade goes live on Mainnet!

October 9 — Updates made to Unitrade.info

October 10 — Partnership with DexTools announced.

October 12 — Staking bonus announced.

October 12 — Burning bonus announced.

October 12–2 new devs were hired for an entire year.

October 12 — Major updates and fixes pushed for Unitrade.info.

October 14 — Marketing and Business development team announced.

October 21 — Bitboy video featuring UniTrade.

October 22 — TikTok Spanish marketing campaign.

October 26 — CryptoLark video featuring UniTrade.

October 26 — Spanish telegram group for UniTrade was created.

October 27 — New orderbook update deployed for UniTrade.info.

October 28 — Staking platform goes live!

October 28 — The $30k total staking bonus goes live for 30 days.

October 28–500k Trade is burned.

October 29–4M Trade tokens locked into Staking the first 24 hours.

October 29 — Jeff from UniTrade Marketing has an interview with HardForkers.

November 1 — Over 6M Trade tokens locked into staking.

November 2 — Video featuring UniTrade by JRNY

November 4 — UniTrade animated explainer video goes live.

November 7 — New roadmap for Unitrade.app is released.

November 12 — Limit Order Miner bots are open sourced.

November 18 — V2 Sneak Peeks

November 28 — V2 Internal testing update

November 30 — Prelaunch Update for V2

November 30 — Relay3r Network adds support for Unitrade to execute limit orders.

December 1 — Private testing group with core holders starts.

December 6 — Community Update regarding the private testing.

December 9 — UniTrade V2 goes live (Unitrade.app)

December 13 — JRNY Shoutouts UniTrade.app

December 15 — Updates and fixes for UniTrade.app pushed

December 15 — First trading competition details announced.