Growth & Innovation in 2021

Marketing Roadmap

— — — —
Last year our marketing campaigns were very successful which allowed us to reach thousands of new users and increase brand awareness. We learned a lot last year about what works, what doesn’t, and what avenues we should focus on to maximize our growth.

With integrations and partnerships, we’re primarily interested in how we can expand our footprint. Building the UniTrade application into existing trading tool platforms, wallet providers, which give us immediate access to a much wider audience and user base. Furthermore, moving on to other chains like BSC gives us an opportunity to partner with new DEX’s and gain access to an even deeper crypto audience beyond Ethereum. Development

— — — —
Thanks to the support of the community we have mapped out several upcoming user facing development improvements to limit order website. This will create an exceptional experience for the user. Some of the notable features are: Binance Smart Chain integration, Chart view, and embedded app view for third party integration among others.

All of these additions continue to show that we are actively making progress and our product is adapting to the market. I’m very happy with the growth and development we’ve seen since the initial release. We’ve come a long way and our platform continues to get better. 🦄

Limit Order Smart Contract

— — — —
The goals we set from the start were very ambitious, new, and in uncharted territory. We’ve now managed almost 3,000 orders and nearly $200,000 USD of crypto value in our smart contract. We have learned so much last year and we’ve been able to identify several key improvements that we are excited to work on this year.

The biggest issue that is currently hindering our growth is the cost of transactions and gas price variance — solving this problem and optimizing our smart contract to reduce trading fees is our number one priority this year 🙌

Additionally we will be adding more trading options such as decentralized stop loss functionality into our platform, rebase token support, optional price variance, and others.

$100k DEX Bounty

— — — —
Centralized exchanges — control, corporate power, government regulation, tracking, and collecting user data goes against everything crypto is truly about. These exchanges hold the market because of technical limitations that decentralized apps face, issues that UniTrade will overcome. It’s my goal to bring to market a decentralized exchange with low fees, reliability and speed to compete and take over. We are the future.

The future of UniTrade… More information can be found here




UniTradeApp $TRADE

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UniTradeApp $TRADE

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