How to cancel your pending limit orders directly from the smart contract — UniTrade.

First thing first you will need to get your unique Order ID number from your TxHash, we will use the following Tx as an example:

Finding the Order ID number

Step 1

Click on Logs (the tab next to overview), which should bring you to 👉 this page.

Step 2

Then, scroll down and you will see the number 171 (that’s the order ID number for this TxHash)!

Please note that this number changes for each order, so yours will be a different number.

Cancelling the pending order

First thing first you will need to go to our orderBook contract:

Step 1

Click on “Connect to Web3” and connect your metamask wallet, and please make sure that it’s the same wallet address that you previously used to place the limit order you want to cancel.

Step 2

Once your Metamask is connected, see where it says cancelOrder ( it’s the first row ), you will notice it has a fillable field just below it named orderid uint256, in that field enter the order ID number of the pending limit order that you want to cancel.

Step 3

Last but not least, click on the write button and Metamask will prompt you to pay gas to process your request to cancel the pending order.

That’s it!

— — —

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