Kranz Token is live on UniTrade Bridge!

Swap KRZ between BSC and ETH network while utilizing the backend technology that UniTrade provides on it’s native bridge service! The UniTrade bridge has been audited and is fully functional 🔒

Do your own research before investing in any new cryptocurrency. Kranz Token is an independently run token project that is utilizing the UniTrade bridge.

Kranz Token (KRZ) is an ERC-20 Token designed to be instituted into a reward system for businesses to accept Cryptocurrency payments.

To be on a brand new exchange, and by introducing an Automatic Conversion System, this project will compensate for any arbitrage or volatility that a company faces when accepting Cryptocurrency for payments. This Automatic Conversion System will feature swapping between tokens over different blockchains and networks: necessarily increasing the compatibility between as many coins as possible.

Kranz is the next step towards mass adoption of Cryptocurrency.

View more at

- Kranz Token Team


DYOR 🙌 Kranz Token is an independent project.


If you know of any other projects that are looking to bridge their token between multiple networks feel free to refer them to us. We are looking to expand our partnerships and onboard more projects in the future.

Email us at for listing opportunity 🙌




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