Major Update for UniTrade πŸ”” πŸ¦„

Major Update for UniTrade πŸ”” πŸ¦„

Back in August of last year we launched the UniTrade platform as just an idea. With overwhelming support from the crypto community we created a decentralized limit order platform that was a first of its kind.

There has been over 5,423 orders placed on and a TVL over $193,487πŸ’°It is amazing to look back and see that πŸ™Œ

We have continued to fulfill our duty to deliver an exceptional product and expand the platform from the initial version 1, then to v2, and finally our latest edition of version 3 over a course of a year of development.

Moving forward the future looks as bright as ever as we transition the company structure into a community governed platform. Now the extremely powerful community we have will be directly driving the innovation of the UniTrade app.


It’s very important that each and every user can easily participate and vote on important decisions. This will be accomplished with the easy to use governance portal we are building for you guys to use.

In the true spirit of cryptocurrency our current centralized structure must be dismantled and the power of the project will be in your hands πŸ¦„ All of the UniTrade source code and assets will be made open source for anyone to contribute.

All of the company’s TRADE tokens will be locked and utilized to further fund development projects put forth via proposals submitted by community members. 🀝

There is so much potential and growth that can be submitted and voted on by you guys. I am truly excited to see where this takes us and look forward to continuing to support the project as much as possible.


Apologize for the late update. I was sick with COVID the last couple weeks and finally recovering now.




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