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I recognize that I could be doing a much better job at marketing. My focus has been heavily on the product development side, which is very important, and honestly what I enjoy doing most. However for this venture to continue to grow we must focus on the business development side as it’s equally as important. I can’t divide my time anymore than I already have so I’ve made some changes.

I have defined new roles for the company. I have on boarded new team members with a goal to continue expansion and rapidly accelerate adoption and user growth as we near the V2 product launch.

@Jeff2684 is now the US Marketing Director for UniTrade working to promote the platform through influencers in the crypto space and seeking out beneficial partnerships. He has a brilliant mind that is strongly driven by results powered by effective marketing strategies. A hustler at heart, he has been through the full journey of successfully building startup companies from the ground up.

Assisting Jeff in these responsibilities will be @Frank_NG, who has been a true visionary and believer in UniTrade since the beginning. While investing is currently a side venture, his passion for the cryptocurrency space, and his real world high level business expertise will add tremendous value to the marketing team.

bankmark is now the China Marketing Director with responsibilities that are akin to those mentioned above for Jeff with a focus on the Chinese market. bankmark has continued to be a pivotal member behind the scenes for UniTrade. He has established and grown the Chinese WeChat community beyond expectations, organized multiple live community AMAs, acquired very valuable partnerships, and has time again shown to provide immense value. His deep understanding of the space, connections, and a keen awareness for what it really takes to be a top project in the cryptocurrency space makes him extremely unique.

@kaneluo will be working directly with bankmark. He brings with him a strong foundation of real world business experience that he has leveraged to substantially drive profits and growth for companies as a senior level business development manager. He specializes in marketing management, strategy, business development, and overall product growth and adoption. He knows what it takes to build a successful project and his insight and ability to look between the lines for unique solutions makes him an extremely valuable member to the team.

Finally @cryptotelligence1, a pioneer in the space, will be brought on as a strategic advisor. His ability to uncover the full potential of a project early on fits his name, as a Visionary. He has been a long term investor and supporter of UniTrade along with many other successful projects in the past.

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