Open Discussion About The Future Of UniTrade With The Founder — (09/15/21)

Q1) The team now has a lot of experience in the defi arena, where would they see as the best way to develop the project and benefit holders?

We previously invested time into the bridge, lottery and staking. This had mixed outcomes, although the bridge is still a pretty good option to continue with. However, once community voting website goes live we are going to leave it up to your guys on which direction we go next.

Q2) Are there synergies between trade and polar that can be leveraged for the benefit of both projects?

Possibly, if there are new partnerships in polar I will try to leverage that to include some benefit for UniTrade as well.

Q3) If we voted to go down the developing a dex route, would it be more beneficial to look to launch on other chains like solana, cosmos, avalanche etc where there is potentially less competition?

Yes, this is a great option and I look forward to seeing what the community votes on. If we go to another chain and focus more on being an independent DEX that is something I agree we should do.

Q4) What are your thoughts on how feasible launching a dex with leveraged trading? Perhaps could utilise some of the lending platforms ways of operating where people have to hold trade as collateral against there leveraged positions?

Given the current technology that is available I think we have reached the highest amount of functionality possible for limit orders. I think we should look into other options for advancement if we go in any new directions, but that is just my opinion.

Q5) Possibility of launching limit orders and potentially stop-loss on apeswap taking advantage of polar’s existing relationship with their team?

Haven’t thought about that. I did discuss getting a farm for TRADE on ApeSwap but they mentioned that they would want us to redirect limit orders to use their liquidity pools instead of PCS (which I understand).

Q6) Probably the most important one ! How much cash is left in the pot for development and marketing whatever the DAO votes for ?

A decent amount of cash is still in UniTrade liquidity (about $1 million). Enough to really do any major developments the community decides on.

Q7) Considering you’ve seen the lack of interest in limit order platform on Etherium/BSC chains and the competition in that area continued to grow — is going to full dex or any other routes is the result of you rethinking limit order/stop loss platforms in DEX ecosystem? Did you reassess based on the last year what were the main causes of lack of mass adoption of Unitrade platform and if those root causes could be fixed effectively, and most importantly is there any real adoption potential in limit order/stop loss platforms?

At this point I think anymore development into limit orders / stop loss / etc is a waste of time and resources. Need to look to new trends and bringing in more elements that have more promise. I don’t know why limit orders never really fired off. It had some good usage but at the end of the day people just weren’t using it. Sort of surprised me but it is what it is.

I think most people would rather place large orders on exchanges because they feel more confident in it’s ability to execute.

Q8) Do you see a great potential in an effective, affordable and fast cross-swap platform? Given there is literally one or two competitors in that area. The Unitrade Bridge implementation was a success but it got stopped in its track with only 3 tokens available for cross swapping and there was no cross swap to other platforms like polygon, xdai, polkadot, cosmos, avalanche, tron and others. Isn’t this an area of a massive potential if implemented right? What stops Unitrade team to undertake this challenge instead of going a dex route?

The dev that was working on the bridge implementation and other future advancements at UniTrade left so it did put a stop to a lot of future improvements there. I still think the bridge has a lot of promise. I just have to find another good dev to work on it and haven’t come across any yet.

Also the community is going to decide what to do new via new voting so I don’t want to interfere too much. Maybe they will decide to work on the bridge with some new ideas and proposal for it. Then I will step up and help as much as I can to find a new dev to take over and allocate funds for it.

Q9) You did planned at some point to have a launchpad added to Unitrade platform. Do you still see much potential in it considering the competition?

I think it’s too late at this point, never know though.

Q10) Where do you see Unitrade in another year in terms of mass adoption and the new or existing platform features that will lead to it?

I think UniTrade needs to undergo some big changes and move on from limit order / stop loss onto something else if it should succeed.

Q11) When will community voting start?

Designs are finished for the new portal. I’m looking for a new developer now to build it out and sort of take over some of the day to day stuff + help work on community development in the future. Have about $1 million in liquidity we can tap into to make whatever we decide to move forward with happen. It’s a lot of funding. Just need to think about which direction to take.

Q12) Since one year, we have decreased 90% of our price, No project development, no farming available, Any plan for providing any staking or listing on binance or any big exchange?

That is what we will have the community decide. We will have website where user can submit a new proposal. Then users will use TRADE to vote yes/no. Then we decide what should happen next for UniTrade. If that means farms, etc

Price is easy to fix with good development efforts in the right direction.

Q13) Even if I agree that we should look for new innovations, to be honest I am still astonished to see the lack of adoption for limit order/stop loss. Do you think transparency of the trade planned has to do with it? Would there be an option to hide your trade and would it help? Would there still be an option to make it available for platforms through API?

To keep it decentralized there is no way to really conceal that information without some big tech changes. And based on the lack of interest and usage it doesn’t make sense to invest the time into improving it more




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