Pancakeswap Syrup Pool & Farming 🥞 (TRADE / BNB) — March 20th

In collaboration with Pancakeswap team, we are happy to announce that we will be launching a TRADE / BNB farm on the Pancakeswap website on March 20th.

This will allow you to earn more from your TRADE tokens! By staking your LP tokens (TRADE/BNB) you will now be able to farm CAKE tokens in return. 🥞

More info about farming can be found here →

In addition to the TRADE / BNB farm which allows you to farm CAKE, we’re also pleased to say that we will also have a dedicated Syrup pool where you can stake your CAKE and earn TRADE directly March 20th! 🦄


To shift your UniTrade tokens from Ethereum network to BSC network in order to participate please refer to our bridge website to make the swap →

Official announcement from Pancakeswap team is coming soon with much more info about the specifics.

This is a great push forward for UniTrade on Binance Smart Chain. 🦄

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