Post Launch Update

There is a big update in the works and a shift in a very positive direction for UniTrade. This is going to include a new roadmap, new features, our new UI, progress to date, updates regarding the staking contract and more. I want to talk with my devs and make sure our timelines and expectations are 100% accurate going forward before the Medium article post / website updates with exact dates. This update will go out on Monday (Oct 12).

I really appreciate all the feedback you guys have been giving me and the team. This is very valuable information that will help shape the product that everyone wants. With the current version we launched on mainnet and making product improvements each day ✅. There are some issues of some lower cap tokens not loading, we’ve fixed that, and it will go out in the next update. There have also been some users saying orders are not executing. This can be due to the gas cost that you originally submit the order with is lower than the current gas prices. Additionally some coins that are very volatile are not able to process fast enough, similar as when you submit an order on Uniswap and the gas is too low and the price moves faster than your transaction can execute.

Everything is still very early for UniTrade 🦄. Ideally I would want to launch without a single bug but with software development there is always iterations to get to perfection, look at a large company like Microsoft when they started vs where they’re at now. Even bitcoin has had serious bugs found in the past that were fixed.

I’ve hired two more skilled developers for the entire year to join the UniTrade team. We are dedicated to improve the platform and push updates regardless of price action.




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