TRADE → BSC Bridge is LIVE! 🦄

You can now swap TRADE token between Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain! 🤝

Just to make clear, we are not moving away from Ethereum network so you do not have to swap your tokens to BSC. This is a bridge to go back and forth between both networks if you want to.

Note: The bridge website only supports Metamask.


I will be moving over some of our liquidity from Uniswap (Ethereum) to Pancakeswap (BSC) later today / tomorrow to support a TRADE/BNB pair.

This won’t affect price at all.


Working on getting the Pancakeswap syrup pool going for TRADE on BSC so you guys can participate in all the hype there.

Will have updates about that next week.


A few additional updates going out for our limit order app on BSC as well. Hoping to launch that fully this weekend.

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