Unitrade.app V2 F.A.Q

4 min readDec 11, 2020


What’s Unitrade.app?

Unitrade.app is the second version of our platform, it is designed to be faster and simpler than the previous version for trading. The simple interface allows users to place their limit orders in Uniswap without the complicated learning curve that V1 had.

How to place an order in Unitrade.app?

We have this simple video tutorial on how to place limit orders in Unitrade.app — Watch at https://youtu.be/RI5xR66iuyw

For small walkthrough:

  1. Head to Unitrade.app, click on “connect wallet” and select your wallet.
  2. Place the token you want to buy with first and then the token you wish to obtain at the desired price target.
  3. After the limit order is set click on “Next”, you will see the “processing fee” where you place the gas that will be used to execute the order (a “Fast” processing fee is recommended), click on next when you are done.
  4. You will see your complete order for you to review, click on submit when ready.
  5. You will have the contract approval first (a small gas transaction to approve trading the token on the site) click on “Approve” and accept the order, after that a success notification will appear in Unitrade.
  6. Wait until you can see the “Submit” button in your order, when this one appears click it and a second transaction will appear in your wallet, accept it and after the tx is successful your limit order will be submitted.

How can I view my orders?

You can see your pending orders or trading history in the “Overview” tab located at the top left with an icon similar to a book, click it and a new dashboard will appear with your trades and more information (https://unitrade.app/overview)

How the Overview dashboard looks when you click on the “book” shaped icon.

How can I cancel my order?

On Unitrade.app — To cancel an order in Unitrade you need to go to Unitrade.app, click on the dashboard “Overview” located at top right below the settings icon and there you’ll find your orders and a cancel button right next to it (Trash bin icon)

This is how it looks when you try to cancel an order by clicking on the “trash bin” shaped icon right next to the order in the Overview section

What’s the History tab?

On the right of Unitrade.app you will see the “History” tab which shows the most recent trades made in Uniswap involving the placed token pair. The trades are updated live when a new trade happens, you can see the buying address and the tx of the orders there.

How to change the background colors on Unitrade.app?

On the top left of Unitrade.app you will find a settings icon, click on this icon and a menu will slide, at the bottom of the menu you will see the options to switch the background colors (Light or Dark mode)

Where can I see the orders made by others in a specific pair?

You can view what orders other users have made in a specific pair by opening Unitrade.app, click “Pending” on the top right and it will change to show all the pending limit orders from other users of Unitrade in that pair waiting for the desired price to be reached and execute the order.

Note, not all pairs have pending orders, it is normal to not see anything in that tab and you can’t click on them to “fill” the order. We are built on top of Uniswap, which is not the normal centralized exchange with orders in line waiting to be filled, in Unitrade we provide the ability of making orders when a wanted price is reached.

How can I know that I successfully submitted an order on Unitrade?

You can verify your limit order on the Overview section at top left, there all your placed limit orders will appear and if its not there then you haven’t submitted the limit order yet.

You can also double check that the tokens have successfully left your wallet and if they haven’t you haven’t submitted the order to Unitrade, check the guide on how to use Unitrade.app in case you missed one step.

I made some orders in V1 do I have to migrate them to V2?

It’s not necessary to do that! Both versions use the same contracts and if you made an order on V1 it will also appear on the v2 overview.

Where is the Unitrade.app orderbook contract?

This is the Unitrade orderbook, here you will all the tokens that are inside limit orders waiting for the desired price to hit and be executed.


What’s the processing fee?

The processing fee is the gas price that Unitrade will use to execute the limit order once the price target is met in the future. It is recommended to place a higher price than the “Medium” to ensure that you will face no problems if the Gas standard varies.

When you cancel a limit order the platform refunds you the processing fee placed in the order.

How much Unitrade charges?

Unitrade charges an additional 0.2% of your order, we only take this fee after your limit order is successful and you receive your target token.

Unitrade has nothing to do with the gas charged for contract approvals or transactions, learn about Ethereum gas at https://ethgasstation.info/blog/what-is-gas/

I have a problem — Where can I submit bugs / suggestions?

We have a dedicated telegram group for bugs and suggestions, where you can freely report any issue or what you want to see on the platform. The group is — https://t.me/UniTradeAppBeta