UniTrade Order Book Update

UPDATE: New limit order contract is live! πŸ¦„

The new limit order contract, V1 has been deployed on mainnet, http://unitrade.info

Existing orders are still on the old limit order contract V 0.10.0 which you can view here, http://old.unitrade.info

(πŸ’° Staking is going live tomorrow! πŸ’°)

βœ… From the initial beta launch we have been able to gather amazing feedback from the community which helps us enhance the product for you guys to use. Our entire team is dedicated to improving the UniTrade platform for long term growth and adoption. Today we will be deploying our new order book smart contract with several key upgrades and improvements.

β€” β€” β€”

1. Deflationary coins β€” you can now place limit orders with coins that are deflationary, up until now we have removed them from the platform, but they will be reenabled and can safely be traded.

2. Processing fee reduction β€” we’ve reduced the processing fee and added in the option to modify the fee in the future without needing to redeploy the contract.

3. Several optimizations β€” improved the overall smart contract with code optimizations, added additional test cases, and enhancements.

4. Staking integration β€” updates made in preparations for the staking smart contract release tomorrow.

β€” β€” β€” β€”

Our order book updates / staking contract have been audited by Solidfied and safe to use πŸ”’. All of the contracts we are deploying now will likely be the ones that are utilized for the foreseeable future.

β€” β€” β€” β€” -

New roadmap with the V2 UI release schedule and website updates coming soon. Staking is going live tomorrow, everything is tested and ready to go πŸš€

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