UniTrade Staking (ETH Rewards) is Live! 🦄


You can now put your TRADE to work and earn passive ETH via fees generated from all trades on the UniTrade platform 💰

We will be injecting $30,000 USD into the staking contract ($1,000 each day for 30 days) that will be rewarded to all the early stakers.

New roadmap coming next week, updated interface designs, website improvements, and more on the horizon.

— — —

➡️ How to stake your TRADE to earn ETH

* Open rewards.unitrade.info
* Click on connect wallet — You will need a web3 wallet like metamask, trustwallet, etc.
* Input the amount of TRADE you want to lock for 30 days (the time can’t be changed).
* You’ll receive a pop up from your wallet, accept the contract interaction.
* After the contract interaction is successful you’ll get a second pop up about sending the chosen amount of TRADE to the contract, accept this.
* After the transaction goes through you have successfully staked your TRADE, you can add more TRADE whenever you want, but you can’t withdraw until the 30 days period is over.
* You can claim your ETH rewards at anytime on the Withdraw tab before your 30 day staking period is up but note that your 30 days will be reset.
* Check your staking balance by clicking the Withdraw tab.