Unitrade Staking F.A.Q

Where can I stake my TRADE tokens?

Anyone who owns TRADE tokens is free to stake those tokens in our smart contract by visiting our staking dashboard at: https://rewards.unitrade.app. A Web3 wallet (Metamask; TrustWallet; etc) connection is required for staking.

What is the Staking APY?

The Staking rewards depends on the usage of the platform and amount of people staking their trade. Stakers earn 40% of the fees generated by Unitrade.

How do I stake my TRADE tokens?

For a step-by-step video tutorial, please visit: https://youtu.be/l2l9GO6VLWU

After visiting our staking website, connect your Web3 wallet (Metamask; TrustWallet; etc) via your browser connection. Once connected, input the amount of TRADE you wish to stake into the user interface, and then click the green “Approve” button. Your wallet should prompt you to then “approve” the transaction — note, this will NOT stake your tokens; rather, it will merely approve your interaction with the Ethereum blockchain and UniTrade staking smart contract (this transaction does require a small amount of gas).

Once approved, the staking UI should update to reflect a green “Deposit” button. If it does not do so after confirming that your “approval” transaction has cleared on Etherscan, try refreshing the page. Enter in the amount of TRADE you wish to deposit into the interface, and then click the green “Deposit” button.

You will then be prompted with a “Confirm and Deposit” pop-up window before moving forward — click “approve” to continue. Once this is approved, your wallet should prompt you to input gas and confirm the transaction before it is submitted. After setting gas and confirming, your transaction will then be processed by the Ethereum network. When the transaction clears, the user interface will present a message stating you have successfully staked and will also provide a transaction confirmation via etherscan.io for confirmation.

How long do I have to stake my TRADE for?

Staking has one set duration of 30 days. This means that once your TRADE tokens are staked, they are locked into the smart contract for 30-days, and cannot be removed.

If I stake my tokens, then add to my staked position prior to the 30-day expiration, what happens?

Adding tokens to an existing position that is staked will reset the 30-day lock. This means that, regardless of how many days after the initial 30-day timer was set, your clock will reset another 30-days if you add from the same wallet.

I’m past the 30-day lock period. What do I do now? What happens to my tokens?

Your tokens will remain locked in the smart contract until you withdraw them. If you do nothing, you will continue to earn ETH-based rewards on a daily basis.

How do I withdraw (unstake) my TRADE tokens?

Go to the rewards website noted above, connect your web3 wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc) , and hit the “withdraw” tab on the user console. From there, click the red “withdraw TRADE” button in order to unstake your TRADE from the smart contract. Any unclaimed ETH rewards accumulated during the staking period will be included with the withdrawal transaction. Please note that this transaction will require gas for approval and execution.

How do I claim my ETH rewards?

A: Go to the rewards website noted above, connect your web3 wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc), and hit the “withdraw” tab on the user console. From there, click the green “claim ETH” button in order to send your rewards to your wallet. Please note that this transaction will require gas for approval and execution. It also will result in your TRADE being subject to an additional 30 days locking period.

How can I claim my ETH rewards without relocking my TRADE another 30 days?

Holders can claim their ETH without triggering another 30-day lock by withdrawing (unstaking) their tokens directly from the platform. Any accumulated ETH rewards since staking began will be automatically withdrawn with your unstaked TRADE. You will see both an updated TRADE and ETH balance in your wallet following the transaction. You can also check the internal txn at etherscan.io to see the transaction showing the ETH sent to your wallet

I claimed my rewards / unstaked my TRADE, but I can’t find the rewards transaction in my wallet. How come?

The smart contract sends the ETH rewards via an “internal transaction.” The ETH is automatically added to your total balance in your wallet. You can find proof of the transaction by going to etherscan.io, placing your address and clicking on the internal txns tab; in there you will find the actual rewards transaction

I can’t use my Ledger on your staking site, why is that?

the “TransactionStatusError” while trying to connect your ledger to your Metamask is due to the fact that your “contact data” has not been activated from your ledger device, this should be done manually, please click here and follow the step by step tutorial.

Why I’m no longer getting rewards from my staked TRADE?

It’s not that your TRADE stopped generating rewards per se. Keep in mind that the 30 days $1k daily giveaway ended on november 27th, hence you are noticing smaller generated rewards compared to previously.

With that being said, you will see more rewards during the upcoming trade competition as well as after.




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