V3 — Phase One — Live now 🚀

We’re embracing all of DeFi on multiple blockchains to introduce a combination of the most impactful and innovative financial offerings that have shaken the core of traditional finance in a single refined app, UniTrade.

As mentioned, V3 will be released in phases and we are happy to announce the release of phase 1 today. We will introduce a brand new sleek UI along other features that you can check out at https://unitrade-v3.vercel.app/ (It will be on UniTrade.app soon)


We spent more time that the expected developing the bridge which will undoubtedly help UniTrade stakers but this caused us to miss a date time with the auditors, we will take this chance to increase our Trading features on UniTrade beyond stop losses.

We are going to upgrade our trade contract to also include CHI gas tokens that will REDUCE gas cost by 40%-60% — This will allow users to spend less on gas for ETH orders and use the platform a lot more. It will also decrease the amount of non executed orders due to gas.

And a special surprise… UniTrade will also work as a DEX AGGREGATOR.. you will get the best rate for your orders by using UniTrade and this will greatly increase the chances of your order being executed without problems.

We want to note that the Code for Stop Losses is already finished, we are just working on adding the previously mentioned features and deliver them to our auditor. We expect to finish the code in 1–2 weeks and have it audited by the end of the month. We appreciate the patience and support on this, we will periodically update on the progress for phase 2.


We are expanding from our core service to now offer a cross chain bridge that is fully audited and secure 🔒. We are working with several tokens behind the scenes that will launch in the coming weeks on our bridge platform. It brings a new use case for the platform and I think we will see a lot of growth here 📈


Lottery arrives in our phase 1!
We are really excited about this feature and we have plans to evolve this concept and build something new in the near future. We are also going to post a separate article for this feature with more information and details on the bonuses we will inject.

You can now purchase a lottery ticket using your TRADE tokens, this increases the utility of our token and the total burned TRADE. Drawings happen every 24 hours!

1 Trade = 1 Ticket! Good luck to all the participants.




UniTradeApp $TRADE

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