V3 UniTrade — June 1st!

We have finished the frontend cut up for new UI on the following pages: 1) Trade with limit order, stop loss, and market 2) Bridge, and 3) Lottery. These are what we plan to release with the latest version. Following this will be Farming, IDO, and NFT Crafting — which all dramatically improve the use case for the UniTrade platform 🙌

Our dev team has been diving into further research into the limit order page to see how we can improve the functionality. We want to deploy a new smart contract that will have Limit orders, Stop Loss orders, and Market orders. Additionally we want to include gas saving features using the Chi gas token and the ability to set an expiration date on an open order. I believe these are important features that will improve the UniTrade product. For now our current V2 works perfectly and is being used daily for trades.

Many things can change during the research and development phase of a new product and occasionally this can shift our timeline. I can assure you that our dev team is working very hard to achieve all of our goals to deliver a great product and we will get there as we have proven many times 👍

After discussing everything with the team we are confident to confirm an official launch date of V3 on June 1st 🚀

In that timeframe we will be integrating the backend systems to the new UI, develop the new smart contract, and allow enough time for testing and bug fixes. This will include limit order, stop loss order, market order, bridge service, and lottery. Following this will be Farming, IDO, and NFT Crafting.

Having an exact release date now gives us a lot to look forward to as a promising future awaits.

Everything we are doing now is a positive change for UniTrade 👏 Big changes is what we need and that is what we are going to do. We started as just offering limit orders and we continue to adapt. It does take some time and I appreciate the support from our strong community during the journey to get there 🦄




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